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Lebna - a Smooth and Creamy Yogurt Cheese

Lebna - a Smooth and Creamy Yogurt Cheese

If you like cream cheese, but want a healthier low fat alternative, Lebna is for you. Lebna is very versatile, it can be eaten on toast with jam, or served as a dip drizzled with olive oil. The active yogurt cultures are good for your digestive tract and Lebna is a good for your bones because it is a good source of calcium. Lebna can be used in place of cream cheese or sour cream and to make all sorts of cream based dip.


  • 1 large tub of low fat or non-fat yogurt
  • 1/2 yd of cheesecloth


  1. The cheesecloth will be fold into fourths, unfold into halves.
  2. Center the cheesecloth in the middle of a large mixing bowl.
  3. Pour the entire container of the yogurt into the cheesecloth.
  4. Gather the edges of the cheesecloth and tie it up with a rubber band.
  5. The bundle will need to be hung overnight or for about 12 hours in order for the water to be drained out. I hang my over my laundry sink with the mixing bowl under the bundle to catch the liquid draining out of the yogurt.
  6. Remove the cheesecloth from the yogurt cheese and place the cheese in a container. It will have the consistency of cream cheese.
  7. The cheese is ready to serve or use.

Although you can find cheesecloth at the grocery, if you decide to make lebna on a regular basis, it is much cheaper to buy the cheesecloth by the yard. You can find it at Joann's Fabrics. I like buy about 5 yds at the time. The cheesecloth is also useful for tying the bouquet garnis, or herb seasonings to use in stews and soups.

You can also smoke the Lebna. Just leave it in the cheese cloth after preparation and hang it in your smoker for 30 minutes. It is better to use a cool smoke, using water as a heat shield in the smoker.

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