Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Last Minute Sweetheart Cake

So its the night before Valentine's Day and you need to come up with a scrumptious dessert. Don't panic, you can make this cake from start to finish in less than 2 hours. It really only takes about 45 minutes of work, but we have to take into account the time for the cake to cool enough so that it can be decorated.

  • 1 box of chocolate cake mix or any flavor you enjoy
  • 1 large container of white fluff frosting
  • 1 container of chocolate frosting
  • red gel food tint
  • a few fresh strawberries cut in half
  • white chocolate block (optional)


  1. Line the bottom of two 9 inch pans with parchment paper. This will ensure that the cakes will slip out of the pans easily.
  2. Mix and bake cakes according to package instructions. Cool and remove the cakes from the pan.
  3. Peel the parchment paper and place one of the cakes on a platter.
  4. Stir the chocolate frosting and frost the top of the first cake. Don't frost all the way to the edge of the cake. Leave about a 1/2 gap.
  5. Taking a vegetable peeler or cheese slicer, peel enough off the white chocolate to sprinkle over the chocolate frosting.
  6. Place the second cake on top of the first, making sure the edges are fairly even.
  7. Stir the white fluff frosting and take about 1/2 of the container and tint it with red gel to a bright pink color. You can use the red food coloring, if you don't have the food gel. Be careful when adding the coloring, start with a little and add a bit more until you get a tone you like.
  8. Frost the sides with the bright pink frosting. Make sure you don't frost over to the top. Using a spatula, create pretty swirls with the flat part of the spatula.
  9. Frost the top with the white frosting.
  10. With the left over pink and white frosting, combine them to create a soft pink color.
  11. If you have a piping tip, use it to decorate the edge of the cake and add a few decorations to the bottom of the cake. This will soften the look of the cake and make it really eye appealing.
  12. If you don't have a tip, just cut a small hole in a zip-lock bag and put the soft pink frosting in it. Zip it and squeeze the frosting toward the hole. Pipe the frosting out and decorate the cake.
  13. Add the strawberry halves to the center of the cake. Enjoy. Seems like a lot of steps, but it really is very easy and the finished work is scrumptious.

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