Saturday, December 29, 2007

Patriots Rock : Brady to Moss Breaks 3 Records in 1 Play

Patriots Rock ! Sweet 16-0 Baby !

In the history of professional football never was the ending to a perfect story so engaging.

Down in the fourth quarter by 5 points. Tom Brady misses a long bomb to Randy Moss. The Pats faithful across the country groan. The perfect season seems lost, the vaunted record seems unlikely. This fan was consoling himself that we still had the playoffs

Both Brady and Moss are just one touchdown pass shy of owning the records of legend.
Tom Brady has tied Peyton Manning's single season touchdown record of 49, a mark that was to go untouched down the ages. Randy Moss had tied the touchdown record set by the great Jerry Rice, before he was tainted by the Raiders.

However it seemed the Giants had played up to their name and lived up to their storied past. Brady goes under center heaves the ball deep on a go pattern from the gods. Randy Moss catches the ball in stride and runs down the sideline to the end zone. Touchdown !!

In a single play the New England Patriots broke 3 unassailable marks. Brady owns the single season touchdown passing record, Randy Moss owns the single season touchdown reception record. The New England Patriots own the best regular season record in the history of the AFC, NFC, NFL, AFL, USFL and every other pro league that I have ever heard of.

Can you imagine Tom Brady in the huddle after the under-thrown pass : Ok guys, same again. It is a sign of true greatness when a football team sets out to do something on a certain play and they get it done.

In an added touch of irony, Tom Brady broke Peyton Manning's record while playing against his mealy mouth kid brother.

I could not have asked for more. I tip my hat to the NY Giants for making it a game when they had no reason to do so. They had every right to expect to win, except they were in the path of Manifest Destiny.

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