Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Best Christmas Gift

My Coolest Christmas Present

This is gift was from some one very close to me. It is a handmade superfine Egyptian weave, trimmed with silver, and best of all it contains a blue glass talisman to ward off the Evil Eye of Envy.

This sort of gift is usually given in Egypt when some one gets a new house, car, or job. While no educated Egyptian really believes in the tales associated with the Evil Eye of Envy. It is still lots of fun to ward against it.

The reason I like this particular gift so much is the incredible detail of the weave. It is finer than the finest Persian rug and contains great detail.

Look at the detail in the swatch below.

I just received the following informative comment from Exalted1 :

This is really a beautiful gift!!! The hanging hands are also
supposed to ward of the Evil Eye. It is an old Egyptian myth which
has propagated all over the Arab world.

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